The Waterbutt Gauge - Water Level Indicator
The Waterbutt Gauge 

The Waterbutt Gauge - Water Level Indicator with Free Delivery:

plasThe Waterbutt Gauge - Water Level Indicator kit is the ideal accessory for both your waterbutt and your garden. How else would you know exactly how much water you have stored?!! It's great to know how much 'free' water you have available. The gauge primarily helps you manage your water storage and watering more efficiently. Best of all you can easily order the kit online on our Order Online page.  The price includes VAT and Free Delivery.    The obvious question is - why don't all waterbutts come with a gauge?   

After watering your garden on a warm summers day, some of your waterbutts may well be emptied. Following overnight rain, the level of water in different waterbutts can easily be observed and appreciated. Many people have several waterbutt these days. Your gauges will show you which tanks fill up the quickest and which are able to provide the most water from the least rain thus allowing you to maximise your use of this precious resource. Using your waterbutts to maximum efficiency is not only going to save you money, it is also good for the environment.

Another advantage of the gauge is that it highlights any problems with the gutter and downpipes to your waterbutt. There is nothing more annoying than discovering that after days of rain, your waterbutt is empty because of a blocked pipes. The gauge will easily show you if your water tank is filling up correctly.

The kit, currently available in a translucent version, is designed for standard 'smooth walled' plastic waterbutts. The bespoke adapter is made from tough plastic and was commissioned by us. The clear plastic tube which is UV resistant and specially formulated for this product comes in a variety of lengths, starting at 90cm. Other lengths are available in the order online page. Bespoke lengths are available upon request. Fitting our kit couldn't be easier, this website contains full fitting instructions. Everyday tools will be required to fit the gauge. There is a white floating bead in the pipe that highlights the water level.

We sell the gauge to the general public online, via this website and to trade retailers. You can order your waterbutt gauges from the 'Order Online' page. Payments are collected by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account, you can checkout as a guest. We really appreciate your feedback, which is welcomed from both the general public via online purchases and retailers. Please search online for 'waterbutt gauge' to find us again.

For safety reasons, we strongly believe that all waterbutts should have their lids securely fitted with screws to stop young children, pets and wildlife coming into harms way.

The designer and creator of the Waterbutt Gauge brought the product to market, after using his own waterbutt gauge which he made many years ago. The Waterbutt Gauge has had all the various UK Intellectual Property registrations applied for. The Gauge is also a Registered Design.

The Waterbutt Gauge should last for many years, without maintenance. However being an outdoors product, from time to time, it may require servicing or cleaning. The PVC tube that the gauge is supplied with is UV resistant. Although the tube has proven to remain perfectly clear in most conditions, there have been occasions where the tube requires annual cleaning. This is an easy task, most waterbutts have to be emptied once a year to be cleaned out as they always end up with a thick layer of sediment in the bottom.  Please email us for replacement parts.