The Waterbutt Gauge - Water Level Indicator
The Waterbutt Gauge 

The Waterbutt Gauge - Maintenance:

plasThe Waterbutt Gauge should last for many years, without maintenance. However being an outdoors product, from time to time, it may require servicing or cleaning. The PVC tube that the gauge is supplied with is UV resistant. Although the tube has proven to remain perfectly clear in most conditions, there have been occasions where the tube requires annual cleaning.

For example, some areas of the country experience rainwater that has fine dust, soil, sand, salt, aviation oils, smoke deposits, pollen, industrial contaminants and other impurities which can leave a faint deposit on the inside wall of the tube. It is possible to clean the tube very easily. The simplest method is do spray a small amount of soap into one end and roll it about from one end to another - then flushing with clean water. This should clean it like new. Another method has been to thread some string through the tube and pull a small piece of soapy cloth through it like a pipe cleaner. You can also purchase new length's of PVC tube from us at minimal price - please email us at:  for details.